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planning... planning... GOOD

I am currently more tired than a walaby on crack then after jumping around like a maniac for 20 some hours, passing out on the floor in a cold sleep.

Soon it will be over right? I still think I'm at the wallaby on crack part... Or maybe I'm drunk off my ass... who knows? I don't think I am but I sure as hell feel it!!

Agh! My throat is burning like a mad man too!! I can't eat anything with the threat of is burning my brains out! Horrible! Ohh.. I can't help my inner child.. my lovely Playstation 2 is calling to me... it's going.. K.... K... play meee... plaaayyy meee... and I'm about to give in and play whatever game is in there til my brain is numb and I can no longer feel anything...

But before I do that, I'll have you all know I just reloaded on some ammo... Went out and bought all the best bullets for my most favorite guns.. yep I did.. Maybe I go out for some target practice sometime.. hopefully soon, ya know? Don't wanna get rusty!

While I was out today some kid came up to me and asked me if I was a butch lesbian and if I was American too... what is with kids these days!? The kid was not even ten years old!! My God! If you have a problem with my hair... THEN TOO BAD suck my magnum for all I care..

The game system calls...

-hobbles off-
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