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Happy Birthday Shuichi!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and don't go out and do anything that.... some... person that's a goody-goody wouldn't do!

I don't need you getting yourself lost or hurt... But have a good day, enjoy it, kid. I'll give you your present next time I see you!

Nothing much else to say... Sakano came over for dinner a few days ago... or a week... bad memory...
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That effectively transcends the realm of adequate memory retention. What have you been smoking?
I've just lost track of the time!
Gee ... That sounds ... normal.
Leave me alone

You're worse
How so?
I don't know!

You're the psychotic, pink haired loving, writer of a pedophile
I am not a pedophile, you burnt-out drunk.
I am not a drunk!!

The boy is just barely legal... You were a pedophile when it all started >_>

Gun-san sends his love
He was well above the legal age. If you had a single brain cell currently operating in your head that wasn't under the influence of extraordinary stupidity and years of pissing your life away.
-grumbles- I did not piss my life away... If I pissed my life away would I be involved in a company like NG?

You know you would have liked it more if he was under legal age... sweet, tender, innocent, untouched flesh
I'm going to refrain from answering that.

Dude. You're the one acting like a fucking pedophile. Untouched flesh, eh?
STFU I am not a pedophile!

A man needs his lovings..
Small children don't count. Pervert.
SMALL CHILDREN WHO!? Is that a confession on your part?

We all know you like the little kids!

Just touch them all over... mmh... NO I DO NOT TOUCH LITTLE KIDS! Jesus that's wrong... You're the one fucking Shuichi's brains out


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Aww! How sweet of you to say that! Thank you so much K-san! ^^

Don't worry, Yuki and I won't leave each other's side for more than a second! Thanks for everything you've done for me lately. I owe you so much.
Not a problem, I have to look out for you, ya know?

Hope you two have a lovely dinner tonight <3 Enjoy yourself
Darling! I've been trying to reach you. Blinks and sighs Have you been getting drunk again? What should I do with you? Anywas, Micheal and I are going to Japan to film some movies. I know you've be glad to see us again. I will be seen you in a few hours..maybe a day or two. Wait for us Darling! Ciao!
-blinks a bit startled- Judy!? Seems you got ahold of me.. of course I am looking forward to seeing you again!! How is Micheal doing? I'll be at my appartment, you remember where it's at right? Stop by as soon as you get here.
She gasps. Oh Darling! I do not remember where your appartment is. Our Micheal is fine, thrilled to see his father again. I will find you no matter what! I will see my beloved Claude again! I should not fear!
Don't worry, just call my cell when you get here and I'll give you directions.. I've been to the airport a million times, so I know it by heart. If you want though.. call me when you come in and I'll come and get you. How about that?
I would love that Darling! Micheal cannot wait to see you! I will call you as soon as I come in. Oh darling, I can already see our sweet Micheal's face light up in happiness!
Good good... I can't wait to see Micheal either. And you too! I think I should have to clean up before you arrive... When are you coming in so I can have everything ready? A day or so?
I may be there tomorrow. So have everything cleaned up and for a special night with your wife, darling. She winks and giggles I would have wish Micheal to have said hello to you but since it rather late he has fallen asleep...
Oh ho ho... where is your mind at, my dear? I can't wait, I better start cleaning up then. Heh.. I'll see him when he comes... so it's all good.
That is for me to know and for you to find out. She winks and smiles. I will see you tomorrow when I come in. You can be sure that you will get alot of hugs and kisses, darling.