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Meh. [05 Jun 2004|05:21pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Judy gave me a little startle the other day by telling me she was coming for a visit. She came bursting into my apartment when I was half drunk trying to clean up the place. Horrible of me to do that, but I couldn't help it. Something's keeps interupting us every time we try to have some alone time... She's here for one of her movies. Ah well...

I feel like doing something sometime... Anyone want to do anything? Sakano, don't you owe me another visit? I need to get out more... I'm turning into a stupid drunk... Can't have that happening!

Nothing much else is new~ I suppose I shall go.

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Wishes~ [16 Apr 2004|04:52pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Happy Birthday Shuichi!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and don't go out and do anything that.... some... person that's a goody-goody wouldn't do!

I don't need you getting yourself lost or hurt... But have a good day, enjoy it, kid. I'll give you your present next time I see you!

Nothing much else to say... Sakano came over for dinner a few days ago... or a week... bad memory...

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Hnnnnmmm... [08 Apr 2004|10:25pm]
[ mood | lost ]

I have nothing to do, I've just been sitting at home, doing absolutly nothing... very upsetting...

I need human contact, jesus!

I'm starting to talk to my guns as if they were real people! Someone drag me out of the house..

Maybe I should visit Sakano... That'd be a nice little visit.. little chat, a drink maybe.

Gun-san wishes you all well.

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Heh... [30 Mar 2004|09:47am]
[ mood | sore ]

Well didn't we have fun the past few days... Caught the bad guys.. had some fun with guns... heh

I have a major headache from the afterrush of everything... I really think I should go lay down... If you guys need me call me please.. And of course.. I look around and relize I have to go shopping... no food what so ever in this house.. except a thing of ketchup... which I particularly don't want to be eating right now... nor do I want to drink the way past expired milk.. Yes shopping.. get some medicine also..

Medicine and food... lots of food... Damn that Aizawa.. My head is stuffy... cookies are good..

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planning... planning... GOOD [20 Mar 2004|10:52pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

I am currently more tired than a walaby on crack then after jumping around like a maniac for 20 some hours, passing out on the floor in a cold sleep.

Soon it will be over right? I still think I'm at the wallaby on crack part... Or maybe I'm drunk off my ass... who knows? I don't think I am but I sure as hell feel it!!

Agh! My throat is burning like a mad man too!! I can't eat anything with the threat of is burning my brains out! Horrible! Ohh.. I can't help my inner child.. my lovely Playstation 2 is calling to me... it's going.. K.... K... play meee... plaaayyy meee... and I'm about to give in and play whatever game is in there til my brain is numb and I can no longer feel anything...

But before I do that, I'll have you all know I just reloaded on some ammo... Went out and bought all the best bullets for my most favorite guns.. yep I did.. Maybe I go out for some target practice sometime.. hopefully soon, ya know? Don't wanna get rusty!

While I was out today some kid came up to me and asked me if I was a butch lesbian and if I was American too... what is with kids these days!? The kid was not even ten years old!! My God! If you have a problem with my hair... THEN TOO BAD suck my magnum for all I care..

The game system calls...

-hobbles off-

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Ugh... [18 Mar 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | dead ]

Major headache... I must have drunk just a tad to much last night.. but what I can remember was nice... Noriko left early but Mika and I had a pleasant time, though most of it I can remember my own laughter and a buzz type of thing.

I should really lay down for a bit... And with the little... magazine coming out about Shuichi and Tohma getting busted... So horrible... all the more reason to lay down with my hangover. Makes me want to just go back out and drink some more, just to drown everything once more before really getting serious..

Oh, Mika-san called this morning... but it was horridly bad timing, I don't even remember what she said to me, I was still in the depth of drunkness.. I didn't even wake up til at least 12 today, God. I'm sorry Mika-san if I said anything brash or anything of the sort. I barely even remember she called.

Asprin, asprin... where did I put the asprin? Ugh... I really need someone to keep my mind in one place... It gets awfully lonely living alone...

Well I'm going to pass out in my bed, couch, floor, whichever I land on first, now. If you desperately need me, you know my cell and phone number.

It's there for a reason. Call it.

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-cough, salute- [16 Mar 2004|06:53pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I had to meet with Mika-san yesterday.. I hope I made a good impression, I would hate to have to work with someone that hates me. Plus I've heard all the stories, you know, about this woman. I pray that they aren't as bad as I hear and fear for my own sake.

But overall I believe it went smoothly~ because we all know my slick style -pose- I would have looked better with a gun... but she wouldn't permit me to bring a gun. But what the hell am I going on about, yeah we're in a state of emergency and I'm here whining about how hot I could have looked with a gun. Pshh..

I delved slightly into the matter, looking for enemies of the pink haired wonder. I'm sure we all know who his worst enemy is... I'll have to look into it more... Unless there's some deranged freak who somehow was able to kidnap our boy wonder and just wanted a bunch of money, knowing how much he was worth.

Ah well... I need some relaxation already... I want to go out and do something tonight... but what I don't know, shined my guns already. With all this stuff going on, that's getting rather boring... Oh I heard about Maiko's little.. rivalry per ce, with Mika-san? Personally I wouldn't mess with Mika-san.. no matter who you are.

Well I guess I'll be off... maybe a walk on the streets of downtown Tokyo... get drunk and have some fun... anybody care to join me?

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Mission :D [15 Mar 2004|08:56am]
[ mood | groggy ]

So little Shuichi-kun is off missing somewhere, being held for hostage and ransom... who has to find him?

Me of course

I get off the plane from America, visiting my family you know it was one of their spring break things, and I get a call on my cell from NG. Conversation is no more than ten seconds long, "K, something's going on, Eiri will tell you what's going on." So, me, dragging my stuff halfway across town to get to the authors apartment, jet lagged and tired, knock on the door. Only to see what? A walking zombie version of Yuki Eiri.

I swear if there really were zombies, though there may very as well be but I wish not to run into them, I value my brain, Yuki Eiri in this state would be a prime example... I'm sure he would even eat your brain if he wanted to

Now back to the present manner. Shindou Shuichi is missing and everything you could think of pertaining to a "BIG NEWS!" type of American story involves. A major celebrity is missing, large sums of money for his return, blackmail, and tons of angst. But whoever thought of all this will not get away from the guns of K! Little bitch is gonna get beat so hard he won't even remember his own name!

But you see... all this happens while I'm away, oh so typical. But anyways on with the night, yes? Yuki and I shared a beer and for some reason everything is a bit fuzzy after that... All I know is that all that flying and all the angst sure as hell make beer taste like a gallon of hard whisky...

But let's forget about that, I better start lookin' for the kid...

Whoever is handling the transactions of the ransom... When whoever it is, gives you the date, time, action, whatever. Please inform me, it could help me find the kid. Thanks.

Now I must bid you farewell... My guns need their daily shining

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