Mistah K (k_san) wrote,
Mistah K

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I have nothing to do, I've just been sitting at home, doing absolutly nothing... very upsetting...

I need human contact, jesus!

I'm starting to talk to my guns as if they were real people! Someone drag me out of the house..

Maybe I should visit Sakano... That'd be a nice little visit.. little chat, a drink maybe.

Gun-san wishes you all well.
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Wah! Call first, please, if you're going to show up!

Though I don't know what -I- can do to entertain you! I'm not a very good host...
Anything is better than Gun-san...

Are you doing anything tonight? You could do anything to entertain me.. you on a whole are entertaining.. especially when you're in a frenzy
...Well I'm glad I can provide the same amusement that a clown is capable of. -_-
I still love you Sakano ^_~

We should get together tommorow night.. I'd love to see you drunk
A-absolutely not! I have to get up early all this week, and I can't stay up late doing those sorts of activities!

However, if you are indeed that bored, there might be something we can do. In the late afternoon.
Saaakaaaanoo -pouts..-

If you come over you're not leaving! And you WILL come over! Unless you want Gun-san to get angry..
AH! That's not fair! And what do you mean I'm not leaving?!

...I'll come over for some dinner, and that is it. I have responsibilities. So do you!
I have nothing to do... I want to have a little fun, Sakano...

Just come for dinner and you'll see
...I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the mysterious way you phrased that, but I suppose I have no choice.

What time would you be most comfortable with? I will not be free until seven at night, if things go well.
As soon as you can come over, come.

You trust me do you not? Nothing horrible will happen to you