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Mission :D

So little Shuichi-kun is off missing somewhere, being held for hostage and ransom... who has to find him?

Me of course

I get off the plane from America, visiting my family you know it was one of their spring break things, and I get a call on my cell from NG. Conversation is no more than ten seconds long, "K, something's going on, Eiri will tell you what's going on." So, me, dragging my stuff halfway across town to get to the authors apartment, jet lagged and tired, knock on the door. Only to see what? A walking zombie version of Yuki Eiri.

I swear if there really were zombies, though there may very as well be but I wish not to run into them, I value my brain, Yuki Eiri in this state would be a prime example... I'm sure he would even eat your brain if he wanted to

Now back to the present manner. Shindou Shuichi is missing and everything you could think of pertaining to a "BIG NEWS!" type of American story involves. A major celebrity is missing, large sums of money for his return, blackmail, and tons of angst. But whoever thought of all this will not get away from the guns of K! Little bitch is gonna get beat so hard he won't even remember his own name!

But you see... all this happens while I'm away, oh so typical. But anyways on with the night, yes? Yuki and I shared a beer and for some reason everything is a bit fuzzy after that... All I know is that all that flying and all the angst sure as hell make beer taste like a gallon of hard whisky...

But let's forget about that, I better start lookin' for the kid...

Whoever is handling the transactions of the ransom... When whoever it is, gives you the date, time, action, whatever. Please inform me, it could help me find the kid. Thanks.

Now I must bid you farewell... My guns need their daily shining
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