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-cough, salute-

I had to meet with Mika-san yesterday.. I hope I made a good impression, I would hate to have to work with someone that hates me. Plus I've heard all the stories, you know, about this woman. I pray that they aren't as bad as I hear and fear for my own sake.

But overall I believe it went smoothly~ because we all know my slick style -pose- I would have looked better with a gun... but she wouldn't permit me to bring a gun. But what the hell am I going on about, yeah we're in a state of emergency and I'm here whining about how hot I could have looked with a gun. Pshh..

I delved slightly into the matter, looking for enemies of the pink haired wonder. I'm sure we all know who his worst enemy is... I'll have to look into it more... Unless there's some deranged freak who somehow was able to kidnap our boy wonder and just wanted a bunch of money, knowing how much he was worth.

Ah well... I need some relaxation already... I want to go out and do something tonight... but what I don't know, shined my guns already. With all this stuff going on, that's getting rather boring... Oh I heard about Maiko's little.. rivalry per ce, with Mika-san? Personally I wouldn't mess with Mika-san.. no matter who you are.

Well I guess I'll be off... maybe a walk on the streets of downtown Tokyo... get drunk and have some fun... anybody care to join me?
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